Key Facilities

Key Facilities
<<School Name>> offers a range of facilities to make our students´ days with us interesting, educational, and fun. The following are the major facilities that <<School Name>> offers:

<<School Name>> maintains well-equipped laboratories that help our students effectively situate the theory taught in classrooms. Each of our labs offers a range of materials: experiment setups, scaled models, charts, etc. Visits to laboratories are built into the core curriculum right from the junior levels to build the spirit of active inquiry among students.

<<School Name>> offers the following laboratories on the campus:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science

Sports Facilities
<<School Name>> organizes a range of sporting activities and maintains sports equipment that cater to all the sporting needs of its students. With sports periods scheduled twice weekly and with sports equipments available to students during free periods and after school hours, <<School Name>> ensures that students get ample time and opportunity to engage in the favorite sport of their choice.
<<School Name>> offers facilities for the following sports:
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Table Tennis
  • Caroms
  • Chess
As part of the co-curricular setup within <<School Name>>, a range of clubs are conceived and managed. Each club is managed by a team of four teachers and four senior students. Every student of <<School Name>> has to mandatorily be a member of at least two clubs. One of these clubs has to be academic in nature (Maths, Science, etc.) The other club has to be co-curricular (Debating & Elocution, Music, etc.) These clubs meet on a regular basis and organize activities and exhibitions and competitions, offering students a wealth of opportunities and challenges to help them explore their creative and intellectual personalities on the campus itself.
  • Maths
  • Debating & Elocution
  • News
  • Hindi
  • Science
  • Computer Science
  • Arts (Modeling, Carving, Painting, etc.)
  • Music
<<School Name>> maintains a well-stocked library, replete with a wide variety of books on various subjects. Apart from books related to academics, the library has a large collection of story books, novels, poetry selections, non-fiction, etc. One of the major attractions for students has been our library´s great collection of reference material: Encyclopedias that contain reading material along with colored illustrations, dictionaries that cater to the vocabulary needs of kindergarten students to our qualified staff members, CD-ROMs on a range of topics, etc. The library opens about an hour before morning prayers and remains open till about five every evening, offering interested children with all the time they need to browse, study, take notes, or simply watch some National Geographic.

<<School Name>> maintains a fleet of buses and offers pick-up and drop facilities to students on a daily basis. These buses are also used to take students on the occasional educational or recreational trip, or to special co- and extra-curricular events held in other schools.
Some of the salient features of our transportation system:
  • All our drivers are trained to drive safely, and have many years of experience behind them.
  • Every bus in our fleet is mandatorily maintained in running condition; all the windows can be closed and opened as required, emergency exits are checked on a daily basis, etc.
  • The attendant is required to always keep the door closed and to stand near the door while the bus is in motion.
  • Our buses are always on standby in case of the occurrence of any untoward incidents in school.
  • Every route has its own designated driver, and both the driver and the bus attendant have the phone numbers of the parents of all the students scheduled to travel along their route. This way, in case of any untoward incident occurring during transport, parents can be informed immediately.